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Principal's Message


Dear Spartans:

As the principal at Schurr High School since September of 2021, I want to welcome you to a supportive and uplifting learning community. While 2020-21 and 2021-22 have been challenging years, Schurr’s staff and students have courageously faced multiple challenges and moved forward together. At Schurr, we continue on our mission to empower students to achieve academic excellence as model citizens.

As we navigate these unprecedented and unpredictable times, we know that our hardworking students and staff have developed innovative ways to learn and achieve academic excellence. Our students thrive in uplifting “blended learning” environments that allow them to interpret content, collaborate safely, and produce knowledge in multiple formats. While these times have been challenging, we have continued to learn, grow, and thrive at Schurr.

A foundational component of learning is a safe and secure learning environment. In addition to following clear safety protocols, Schurr’s staff also integrates social and emotional learning daily. We are a caring community who put the well-being of our students, staff and families at the center of learning. Indeed, this year, Schurr’s staff collaborated with our students to create positive behavioral expectations of what values embody a Schurr Spartan. We are SCHURR: Supportive, Collaborative, Hardworking, Uplifting, Responsible, and Respectful. We expect that these shared values will support our students’ success at Schurr and their bright futures.

We all feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to Schurr’s staff who continue to design innovative ways to support our students and community. From distributing Antigen Test Kits to monitoring daily Wellness Checks to material distribution, Schurr staff come together to ensure that our community has the necessary resources to empower students' academic excellence as model citizens. 

This year in particular we owe a debt of gratitude to MUSD’s Board of Education who purchased brand new desks for all classrooms. Moreover, Schurr also received a fresh coat of paint for Schurr’s exterior. We are grateful for our community’s support.

Most of all, please take care, stay safe and happy.

Larry McKiernan Gonzalez,

Principal, Schurr High School