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  Monday through Thursday
  7:30am - 4:00pm
  7:30am - 2:45pm
  Minimum Days
  7:30am - 2:30pm
  Hours vary depending on availability 


Library books are due TWO weeks from the check-out date (Graphic Novels are due ONE week from the check-out date).  When browsing and skimming through books please be sure to return them to the correct place on the shelf.  If students are not sure where where they got it from, just return it to the circulation area andto be reshelved.  Please be courteous to those who might be waiting to check out the same book by renewing books no more than two times.

Students will accrue a late fine of 10¢per day for books not returned or renewed on time.  ALL Reference books are to remain in the Library and are not available for check-out.

The Library is for studying and reading only (not socializing), please keep your voices down at all times. If students are not studying or reading quietly, they will be asked to leave.



Students are responsible for the book(s) they check out.  Do not remove the SHS barcode on the back of your books! If the book is returned without a barcode, students will be responsible for the cost of the book.

Do not leave your books in any classrooms! Teachers are not responsible for books left in the classroom.

Printouts are always available if you would like to check your record for books you owe or for books you have returned.

If the student's  book is “stolen”, please report it to security and bring a note to the Library. If you have lost a textbook, please see Ms. Rosales in the Fines Office to pay for your book.

If you are replacing a lost book, please be sure you purchase the correct book and remember to bring your sales receipt with the book.



Please ASK LIBRARY STAFF before using the Computer Lab.  If students using the computer during class hours, one MUST have a hall pass to the Library or the Computer Lab.

Students who do not know how to log in to the computer will be assisted by Library personnel.  If a student has forggotten their password or log-in information, ask for assistance. Note the computer will lock students out for 24 hours if an incorrect password has been inputed several times.  Please remember this information because you will need it for the rest of your tenure at SHS! 

Computers are for SCHOOL WORK ONLY, Social networking websites, video games, etc. are NOT ALLOWED, and food and drinks are NOT allowed in the Lab at ANY time.



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