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Students are required to earn 20 credits or two years of science for graduation. Courses are year long and comply with Common Core State Standards in addition to being A-G
  • CSU require two years including a physical and biological science
  • UC require two years from (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) with three years being recommend
Science courses include:
Biological Physical/Earth Interdisciplinary Engineering domain 3rd year science
AP Biology  AP Chemistry Applied Environmental Science Automotive Engineering 3,4,5,6,7,8
Biology, Honors Biology AP Physics 1 Geology Digital Electronics

Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine Chemistry   Intro to Engineering 
Human Anatomy, Honors Human Anatomy  Earth Science   Principles of Engineering
  Physics, Honors Physics    
From UC doorways...
Two units (equivalent to two years) of science are required (three units are strongly recommended), providing fundamental knowledge in two of the following: biology, chemistry, or physics. A yearlong interdisciplinary, or integrated, or earth and space science course can meet one year of this requirement.
Science (D) courses listed under the engineering, computer science, and applied science disciplines can only be used to fulfill the recommended third year of science