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Principal's Message

2023-24 Principal's Message

Hello Spartan Family,


We want to welcome you to a safe, positive learning culture. Schurr’s staff and students courageously faced multiple challenges the past few years and moved forward together. We continue on our mission to empower students to achieve academic excellence as model citizens. 


A foundational component for learning is a safe and secure learning environment. In terms of safety, with the collaboration of MUSD’s Board of Education, we continue to use 39 security cameras to aid in the supervision of our campus. We also added a full-time School Resource Officer to support safety on campus. These two developments increase the safety of our students and staff so that we can continue to create a positive learning culture. Our students’ and staff’s safety is essential for us to thrive together.


Schurr’s shared values of Support, Courage, Hard work, Uplifting, Responsibility, and Respect enable us to create a positive learning culture. Indeed, we continue to thrive together through our uplifting Spartan Spirit. Schurr’s staff integrates social and emotional learning daily. We continue to utilize one of our periods to create Spartan Meets that emphasize and celebrate our shared values. This enables our students to connect with one another and their supportive teachers. Our values create a positive learning culture.


Our hardworking students and staff continue to create a learning culture that emphasizes Montebello’s graduate profile, the 4Cs: Critical Thinker, Collaborator, Communicator, and Creator. We continue to develop innovative ways to learn and achieve academic excellence, whether through our Pathways, AVID or multiple extracurricular activities. Our students thrive in uplifting “blended learning” environments that allow them to critically think through content, collaborate and communicate safely, and create knowledge in multiple formats. We continue to learn, grow, and thrive at Schurr.


We want to thank MUSD’s Board of Education for supporting Schurr’s safe, positive learning culture. From a recent paint job, to new desks, to security cameras, we are grateful for their support for Schurr.


Your partner in creating a safe, positive learning culture,

Larry McKiernan Gonzalez